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Find the next big moment
in your career...

without losing yourself

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Kellyn is a holistic career coach who helps high achievers. She is a master strategic organizer that helps people find their way, step by step, with guided exploration and accountability.

Kellyn works 1:1 with clients in a unique, executive level and customized approach. She helps clients move through job changes, life overhauls and mindset changes. She focuses on each individual client and celebrates who they are, just as they are. When we are our whole self, we are our best self. 

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Who Benefits From Working With Me:

● Mid-career professionals who excel at their work, but are left feeling drained and wanting more

● People who are looking to change their overall work/life experience, but don't know where to start

● People who are more interested in a joyful, fulfilling career than being stuck in a never-ending, obligatory 9 to 5

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“I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Kellyn; she has a ton of experience and she's also very encouraging and motivational. Sometimes it's nice to explore new frontiers with someone who not only knows the ropes, but also has your best interest at heart.”

- Client Review

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