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About Kellyn

Kellyn is a holistic career coach who helps high achievers. She is a master strategic organizer that helps people find their way, step by step, with guided exploration and accountability. Kellyn meets you where you are with a tailored, customized, executive level experience. Since 2009, she has helped individuals elevate and improve their work and lives through a mix of 1:1 deep dive conversations and by providing customized action plans to move clients forward between sessions.

Full Biography

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Kellyn’s Story

Throughout her career, Kellyn has helped individual coaching clients and organizations create meaningful change through communication, collaboration and a relentless addiction to accountability and follow through. After growing up on a chicken farm in Indiana in a culture that preaches “the more you work, the more you’re worth,” Kellyn initially pursued a traditional corporate path.


After completing an MBA & Master’s in Public Health, spending 12+ years working for Founders and CEOs in various industries including fintech, healthcare and private equity as Chief of Staff and Director of Operations, she was able to transition to coaching and consulting; leaving the “traditional path” behind to live a more fulfilling and authentic life.


Kellyn’s coaching foundation began in 2009 while working for the founders of Shields Meneley Partners (now Felix Global), an executive coaching firm. As the Client Services Manager, she supported over 70 C-Suite executives while they were guided by executive coaches during life and job transitions.

During those three years, she built a strong understanding of career changes and the job search process and how it involves a 360 degree approach. Also, she saw first hand how important it was to have a coach who can guide and hold clients accountable during life transitions. She has worked with 1:1 coaching clients since then.


As an adventurous soul who takes risks and has built a life of joy that includes work, Kellyn has a gift for helping people and organizations break down and define elusive imbalance and create solutions that actually shift outcomes that lead to success.


The world says to work hard to make money, to spend more on things to feel better, so you have more energy to work harder, to buy more things, and on and on. Kellyn doesn’t believe we're meant to stay stuck in this cycle until retirement some day. We can find peace and joy during our work week, so we don't spend our lives waiting for the weekend.


Kellyn once spent a summer on an island in Fiji with 19 strangers to compete for $1M on
Survivor on CBS and learned a whole new perspective on finding purpose and passion in life!

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