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From Glitter to Gold
Human Design Reading & Career Coaching | A Soul Map + A Road Map

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Kellyn Bechtold

Holistic Career Coach

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Sara Bacon

Human Design Expert

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Glitter to Gold Package

The combination of Human Design & Holistic Career Coaching is a powerful transformative shift that will bring energy to your path and clarity to your plan.
Find your glitter, create your gold. 

Soul Map
$99 Value: Personalized Human Design Guide
$300 Value: Human Design Reading with Sara Bacon

Road Map
$675 Value: 3 live 1:1 Coaching Sessions with
Kellyn Bechtold

$150 Value: 3 Personalized Implementation Plans

$1224 Value
Cost: $999


The Details:

Human Design is a system that helps strip away the outside conditioning we pick up from the world in order to shine as the truest, fullest, and most authentic version of ourselves. Using just your birth time and location, it shows you how to follow your unique intuition to determine which next steps are best for you, how to use your energy to your advantage, and what your natural gifts and strengths are so you can focus on becoming more of who you already are and less of what you feel you have to effort to become. It’s a road map for your soul and a permission slip to lean into a way of living and being that you likely already know is for you.

What is Human Design?

What is Holistic Career Coaching?

Holistic Career Coaching is a form of 1:1, customized coaching that helps people who are interested in a career transition, who are feeling stuck or like “there’s more.” Holistic coaching caters to each individual client with 1:1 coaching sessions and follow up exercises to identify and define passions and unique skill sets and to create curated, actionable plans for the next best step for each person. The holistic approach means looking at all aspects of one’s job (skills required, culture, finances, growth path, fulfillment, etc) and life (all types of relationships, physical and mental health, hobbies, passions and more) and how work impacts life outside of work and vice versa. 

What happens when you combine the two?

Once you discover your soul map through Human Design and understand the most authentic version of yourself, you can combine your unique profile with your unique career background, skill set and passions to uncover your next best step. Once you know what you want, coaching helps you create a logical, easy to understand road map to success and fulfillment. The combination creates a powerful transformative shift that will bring energy to your path and clarity to your plan. Find your glitter, create your gold.

What was Sara's experience working with Kellyn?

Just one session with Kellyn helped me understand my work skills, passions and purpose in a way I hadn’t been able to before. The first session afforded me the confidence to make a practical, grounding, and exciting plan for investing money and time into my business in a way that felt not only do-able, but incredibly empowering. For a dreamer/enthusiast like myself, it was the perfect balance to welcome in her straightforward and action-based energy so I could more fully thrive as an entrepreneur. I was able to confidently step away from my part-time jobs to focus fully on my business now that I have a clearer picture of my money and put some parameters and goals in place for myself. I feel peace and excitement about approaching this next chapter of life. 

What was Kellyn's experience working with Sara?

Receiving my Human Design reading from Sara was the single most transformative moment in my career transition. Learning that I was a Generator and uncovering that I am meant to follow my intuition and light to be the most successful and that my destiny is to share my own human experience and help others create life plans, everything opened up for me. Sara is intuitive, patient, kind and helped me understand my purpose on this planet. Once I understood my profile, I was able to work more efficiently and with so much more joy. 

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